Diffuser Reviews

With so many options available it’s hard to know what you really need or want. I’ve reviewed a list of diffusers that should help make your decision easier. Lets start from my most favorite to my least favorite.

  • Lantern Diffuser 
    • Brand: Young Living
    • Cost: $84.75 Wholesale / $111.51 Retail
    • Where to find: https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/lantern-diffuser?sponsorid=19435826&enrollerid=19435826&type=member
    • Description: Designed to be an elegant centerpiece or accent to any home or office. The classic lantern design, crafted of fine metal and glass, offers longer run times and multiple lighting features for any aromatherapy practice. It is designed to offer multiple diffusion settings, along with 11 LED colored light options, including an alluring candle-like flicker mode.
    • Why I love it: This diffuser is on the top of my list because it really enhances the ambiance in the room without being to obvious that its a diffuser. You can place it anywhere you would typical decor. Just make sure you have an electrical outlet nearby!
  • Comfort Diffuser
    • Brand: Everlasting Comfort
    • Cost: $34.95
    • Where to find: https://amzn.to/2GS9A4n
    • Description: Transform your home into a relaxing oasis with our flower vase designed essential oil diffuser in dark wood. Its large 400ml water tank provides 13 hours of aromatic mist – simply add your favorite essential oil. And, set the mood and lighting with your choice of 7 colored LED lights. It’s built-in timer and automatic shut off when low water level is detected, means you can enjoy and relax carefree.
    • Why I love it: I’m a huge fan of the wood look. Its an easy diffuser to compliment any room and the portion that emits the various lights is so minimal that you wouldn’t think its a kids night light.
  • Wine Barrel Diffuser
      • Brand: Salking
      • Cost: $39.99
      • Where to find: https://amzn.to/31AqgVO
      • Description: 350ml capacity for large room, Mist cover area: 270-480sq.ft, BPA FREE and Waterless auto-off, 4 Timer setting: Continuous ON / 1H / 3H /6H, 3 Spray modes: high mist, low mist, intermittent mist(30s ON/OFF recycle), 7 colors LED lights: fixed one color, 7 colors adjustable between bright and dim
      • Why I love it: This is the perfect diffuser for a man. Although its a wine barrel you could say its a whiskey barrel. It gets the job done without looking too ‘foofy’. Win, Win!